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Lost Art (album)

by The Goths

Fuchsia 03:11
a fuchsia wildflower a no-sunflower she’s got me in her power a fuchsia white spider one to crawl a right insider she’s my night fire hey fuchsia let’s frolic don’t you be so melancholic or alveoli ventrolic as you fall to your watery death
Black Laugh 03:42
I met a man who lived in gloom. Illumination left his room. His hair was long, a flowing stream, caressed his skin as in a dream. And in his eyes there was a void. This automatic, live android! Oh and laughter was his bane. He’ll never be the same again. He told me he had once a lover and to compare there was no other. That took him back to ancient Rome, where in a temple, all alone, scripts of unknown lore were read and they on honeydew were fed. Oh and laughter was her name. He’ll never be the same again. My friend looks up, his face is pale and in his eyes I see his tale, reflecting light and life and more as if they are two gilded doors. But now in spite of all the pain, his eyes light up. He can’t explain. Oh and laughter lives again! He’s going to be the same again.
Wilderness 03:12
The end of the world is nigh These crags without life A castle that looms This guy is a solemn monolith Pounded by storms Pinnacles dripping wet In the wilderness Awaiting the end of time On an island so dark mountains That stand sublime are an ocean apart
Raven 03:37
On an evening tense with murder and a moon that blazes cold The land howls in agony and another life dissolves The castle waits a monolith with four turrets standing high Spires try to rip to shreds the dark myopic sky The count appears so pale with a touch as soft as silk His eyes are filled with anguish for he cannot find the milk that Keeps his soul alive and throbs within his breast his heart pounds The rhythm echoes off the walls like bells the lanterns ring But now the constant pounding is a raven on the wing The raven lands it speaks in an ancient tongue explains That the Raven of Eupherides has succeeded once again To keep the count alive and put another soul to rest
Citadel 03:23
Went into the citadel to see what I could find. All I found was rabid rats and children going blind. They didn’t mind. It caught them by surprise. Went into the citadel to get some peace of mind. All I heard was ringing bells and no-one of my kind. They didn’t mind. It caught them by surprise. Went into the citadel to rescue me a Queen. All I found was holes and bones and now my Queen is free. She didn’t mind. It caught her by surprise.
Doppelganger 02:59
Doppelganger, doppelganger, doppelganger, please I’m dying on my feet I tell ya living on my knees It’s hard enough without you, it’s hard enough oh please Doppelganger, doppelganger, frequency rare The reason I can’t see you is because you’re never there The reason you’re not there is cos you’re... air Doppelganger, doppelganger, armor class five The ethnographic ratio keeps you alive You know you’ve never traveled and you’ve never socialized Doppelganger, doppelganger see you on TV I see you in the forests in the Gothic cemetery You’re playing hide and seek with your personality Doppelganger, doppelganger, bitte siehst mich sterben auf mein fuß du siehst mich sterben an den kniem Ich kann nicht ohne dich und ich kann nicht mit dir bitte Doppelganger, doppelganger, fly away home Your house is on fire and your kids are alone It’s enough to make me sick, it’s enough to make me groan
Battle Axe 04:36
Sharp-fire steel, blue-metal reel, bodies lie broken Underfoot as the axe flies through the air Long-sword striker, sparks fly higher, black eyes Smiling in the mask as the axe strikes once again Blood-soaked charmer, sword-struck armor, fear lies Stagnant in the air as the axe flies to the mark Charge of fear, shaft of spear, kingdom crumbles In the dust and the axe has struck again Forged by dwarves in the depths of a mountain using Dragon Flame then steel-cooled in the Mystic Fountain Battle Axe was tamed Soldier rides his ebony stallion to the Bottomless Lake And there sails the Viking Galleon to decide his fate Charge of spear, sword-struck rear, body lies Stagnant in the dust as the axe flies to the mask Blood-soaked steel, blue-metal peel, fear lies Broken underfoot as he wields the axe again
Crusade 02:40
Paladins fighting Saladin’s To free the Holy Land Bloody butchered battlements Clerics in the sand Ships are setting sail Grail in the Holy Sand Bloody butchered battlements Blood on the Holy Sand Off to the Crusade Where Ivanhoe was made To find the Talisman Paladin, Saladin, Talisman Paladins fighting Saladin’s Blood on the Holy Sand Fighting flail with flail Clerics in the sand
Quest 06:06
I’m on the Quest, cos I’m the best, I’m on the Quest cos I’m better than the rest, Going on the Quest, looking for Ptolemy’s Almagest Going on the Quest Sick of a rest, headed East then West I drifted out to sea, drinking herbal tea Put to the test to look for Almagest Found Kublai Khan, he was in the pleasure barn In the Dragon’s lair, where nobody dare I was trapped in a mire, bitten by a Vampire Put to the test to look for Almagest Found Bonaparte, he had lost his art Trapped in a cage, by a vicious Sage After grisly slaughter ravaged by his daughter Put to the test to look for Almagest Found Joan of Arc, but she had missed her mark
Bare Truth 04:53
Another Peccadillo, Another Tete A Tete I'm going to do some breaking, Breaking in some skates Another Peccadillo, Another Tete A Tete Nothing that's salacious, Something I can take That's the Bare Truth Something I can take, at the Inn Another Peccadillo, in the Inn Tete A Tete and that's between us Now I'm at the Altar Now I'm at the stake I'm going to do some breaking, Breaking in some skates Venus in between us


released May 24, 2021


all rights reserved



The Goths Brisbane, Australia

The Goths are a goth duo from Brisbane, formed in 1987, featuring singer-songwriters Johnny Stowmarries (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Percy Blakeney (vocals, bass).
Beginning in the 80s, with solid longstanding nocturnal residencies at The Bohemian, gigs in the 90s included Bertie's & Metropolis, The Sitting Duck, and The Dead Rat. The Goths were also one of the first performing acts at The Zoo.
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